Windows 7 Review

I've been using Windows 7 for the last 3 weeks. Overall - I love it. A refinement from the mistake that was Vista.

Features I like:
  1. Boot performance
  2. SSD improvements
  3. File transfer speed improvements
  4. WMP 12 is actually almost decent
  5. Paint is now usable for taking screenshots
  6. Snipping tool works great for taking screenshots
  7. Wordpad's interface is great
  8. Backup & Restore includes image backup functionality with network/DVD burn support
  9. Steady-state built-in as "PC Safeguard". Great way to prevent guests from muddying up your machine.
  10. Aero-snap
  11. Many components can be uninstalled
  12. Disk Cleanup is improved
  13. Taskbar works great on the side.
Bugs and Complaints:
  1. File system is buggy. Resulting in file-in use errors that sometimes go away within minutes.
  2. Too many services set to automatic
  3. UAC still there
  4. File system is buggy, I hate file-in-use errors
  5. Took a while to get used to not having a quick-launch
  6. Sidebar is missing and stuck to the desktop, no way to keep it in a container and always visible
  7. The Windows filesystem is muddy. Too much crap in the Users folder.
Here's to Microsoft makes some further improvements before release.

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