US Halts Applications For Solar Energy Projects

Apparently my idea's of building large solar parks in unused areas of the US is already in action and swamping the BLM.

Check out this link for more info:

Here's another idea. Do you know what a solar tower is? One of the complexities with these guys is that they require a height distance which increases the temperature gradient and hence the efficiency. Australia has proposed building one and the initial plan was that this would be tallest man-made structure in the world. My idea is this: build the solar tower next to a large mountain with a high to 100% incline that is perpindicular to the sun. You get half of the usable space to heat the air at the bottom but you can augment this with mirrors and objects that trap solar heat (such as shredded waste tires). Your build costs would be substantially cheaper because you can support the tower against the mountain (cheaper materials).

I live in Carson City and drive through Washoe Valley a lot. This area gets quite windy and often flips full tractor trailers on to their sides. Lets harness that power!

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