If I had money to invest...

Since these ideas are of no use without the means I'm going to list them here for your perusal. Here's my list of investments based on my intuition about our world's future.

1) Purchasing large tracks of land in remote areas (think BLM auctions).

The reason for this is that the world is coming to terms with our problem of peak oil (aka Hubbert's peak) and that it will eventually be hard to dig a hole and pull up cheap energy. This is something I learned about 3 years ago during my own research and I have to admit that it made me scared... But upon 3 years of contemplation I have come to realize that we have PLENTY of energy. Now I'm not a scientist but I believe that our two primary sources of energy on this planet are solar (byproducts include wind, hydro, bio, petroleum, sea currents, etc etc) and nuclear (nuclear plants and geothermal). In either scenario land will be needed to harvest this energy. To make this work, however, you'd eventually need grey/sea water piping to the site.

2) Aluminum mining operations

Steel has been our ally and friend since the industrial revolution but our new economy will require us to make better use of our energy and steel is just plain heavy. Aluminum (the 13th most common element in the universe) is the likely alternative.

3) Runabouts

I scoff at people driving 4-6,000 lb trucks alone to get to work or the grocery store. This is just plain wasteful and disrespectful of humanity and our environment. Companies with ideas to make fuel efficient 1-2 person vehicles will boom very soon (think 3 wheeled vehicles with light engines/transmissions within/near the tire-well).

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