I have two computers that I use in my office. One is a gaming rig that is usually the latest and greatest while my other machine (dedicated to programming) is the hand-me-down from the gaming machine.

Recently I purchased a Q6600 based system. I'm usually an AMD fanboi but thought of purchasing a CPU with 4 cores that can overclock like crazy appealed to me so I made the plunge. Currently both systems are using the Thermaltake Big Typhoon as the cooling solution. The gaming rig is currently a Q6600 @ 3.2Ghz and my workstation is an Opteron 165 @ 2.55Ghz. Decent overclocks for air but I'm ready to take the plunge into liquid cooling as the technology has become more mature. I plan on purchasing the Thermaltake Big Water 760i when it's released in the states.

One word of caution. Many people advocate using a program called "Core Temp" to monitor core temperatures. The program is said to have accurate readings however on my Opteron based system the application was causing my computer to shutdown randomly. I've gone a day now with this issue and hope I have it beat.

More details on the final overclocks to follow...

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